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ErikaOliver.com Positive Approach Coach | Building positive productive teams


Even if people don’t seem to listen, your team is compromised with gossip, blame and negativity; there is much you can do to effect positive communication. The responsibility for positive communication lies with each of us.

Leaders from organizations of all shapes and sizes work with Erika to learn and implement positive communication tactics to develop their own leadership skills and build positive teams at work and at home. Erika can MOTIVATE and inspire because she lives and experiences positive communication.

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Circle your chairs around and CONNECT with the realities of communication. Accurate and effective communication is a miracle and Erika can teach your team(s) positive communication skills to improve employee recruitment and retention and build your brand and customer loyalty.

Erika has been called the “Optimistic Dream Team Coach” by clients and workshop attendees. Call if you are ready to increase morale, productivity and profitability.

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As a speaker and award winning author, Erika delivers fun, inspiring and powerful keynote addresses and workshop presentations. Her ability to BALANCE practical information with entertainment is inspiring.

Be prepared to want to take action to increase your happiness, improve organizational communication and get more accomplished! You will leave Erika’s presentation seeing things in a new way.

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Thank you for yelling at me!

“How do I not to turn negative after being yelled at by customers all day?” asked a workshop attendee. My first thought was “I hope she’s not talking about me!” My second thought was “Yelling? Are you sure? Or, is that how it sounded in…

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