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Erika Oliver

I BRING POSITIVE CHANGE as a Life Coach, Keynote Speaker & Author.

Most people don’t wake up in the morning and think “Hmmm … who can I aggravate today?” People want to communicate effectively, be productive and help others … communicating is just not as simple as it seems. I help individuals and organizations take a positive approach to their lives, at home and at work.

As a recovering pessimist with positive tendencies, I began my recovery from pessimism with my husband, Mark, by creating a simple gratitude activity that ultimately changed our lives.

I now share what worked in my journey with others using intuition, humor, and personal experiences. I challenge and inspire teams and individuals to achieve their goals by approaching life from a more positive perspective.

I live in the Lake Norman part of Charlotte, NC and travel around the country as a motivational speaker and connect with life coach clients from all around remotely.

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Executive Life Coach,


It’s not only ‘OK’ to be happy, it’s a social, emotional, and economic necessity.

If your organization, team, family, or work environment is being bogged down with negativity I can help you be part of the “positive” solution.  Gossip, blame, and negativity tends to thrive in the absence of positive communication. Being an optimistic leader in a pessimist world is not for sissies. I’ll provide you with the courage, tools, and motivation to cultivate optimism at home and work.


Develop clarity, vision, and purpose.
Gain a fresh and dynamic perspective.
Develop positive communication skills.
Take action towards your goals.
Invite honest feedback.

Increase your personal understanding, realize your vision, and increase your personal and professional impact. Make positive changes at home and at work.

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A Keynote Speaker,


Erika has delivered hundreds of fun, inspiring and extremely powerful keynote addresses and workshop presentations throughout her career as a corporate and motivational speaker.

Her presentations are always tailored for her audience. Special requests on a variety of conference topics are entertained including employee engagement, leadership and management, Human Resources, Having a Positive Approach to Life and Work, and much more.


Take responsibility for their communication: no more blaming, gossip and negativity
Tools to increase their ability to be positive and choose happiness
Leave with a renewed energy and optimism

Erika will inspire audiences to take action to increase their happiness, improve organizational communication, build positive teams and get more accomplished! Audiences will leave the presentation seeing things in a new way.


Happy Crap.


Erika Live!

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My Clients.


”Erika made it easy to be honest and discuss things in a positive way. My work relationships are better, difficult problems are getting solved and I received a raise! The best part is I no longer have bad days, no matter what comes up.”

– Credit Union Executive

“Wish it was a longer session. I really enjoyed it!”
“9-1-1 dispatchers really need this!”
“I appreciated the useable tools, your energy, and real life examples.”
“Applied to work/life/family – not just 9-1-1 talk!”
“I learned how to be a better supervisor because of your lecture.”
“I’m smiling inside – you may have saved my life.”

-Feedback from 2012 South Dakota APCO-NENA

 I have found coaching with Erika to be extremely valuable! She has always provided me with great insight, personal examples of how to implement changes and kept me committed by regularly tracking progress. As a result of our time together, I have seen increased self-confidence in my ability to manage projects, facilitate meetings and better communicate with team members. I know I would not be where I am today without her guidance, patience, and support.” 

– Project Manager, Credit Union

We have partnered with Erika for the past three years as facilitator of our Service Team Retreat.  She has the unique ability to deal with the soft skills in a refreshingly honest—and FUN—way that has proven to be very effective.  Most importantly, behind her FUN approach is tremendous knowledge about psychology, organization development, and culture.  She packages complex concepts in a way that people can relate to and act upon.  I highly recommend Erika if you’re looking to effect change in your organization.”

– Diane T. Keil-Hipp, Chief Operations Officer, Knight Insurance Group Credit

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